Ok, I'll Try to Blog

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I just revamped my old 2010 blog. Hopefully this time round, I will blog. Keep checking...

Ever been Code Ignited? You better be...

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As I told you earlier, I'm one person just obsessed with frameworks. Recently, I picked up on a new PHP Framework, Code Igniter (CI).

If you have had a look at some other PHP frameworks like "the much-hyped" Zend, CakePHP, or myriads of others, you will appreciate that Code Igniter is truly light-weight and simplistic. I can say without fear or favour that of late, I have turned into a CI evangelist of some sort. I recommend CI everywhere, even where it is not outrightly applicable.

Why? I just love simplicity! You easily figure out where the rod meets the rubber in CI than in Zend. Zend is a story of another day, I'll tell you why I separated with Zend...

Its and young framework, you can dive in and grow with it. I can not say its better than Zend, though it might be only in some aspects, but it is better than procedural code 100 times, unless you are doing your own OOP/MVC PHP.

Why you don't have to reinvent the wheel!

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I will discuss succinctly about Web Development frameworks. There are a number of them out there but I will talk about them in general.

My area of interest is web, though I'm a computer scientist. Web technology has always and will always move at a rapid speed, and catching up with it is always deemed to be challenging. However, that only depends on you - how you embrace change.

The world over, several developers have cracked their heads in labs, hoping to make your life (as a developer or designer) easier. To come up with something great, it all depends on how you pick all these pieces and fit them together. A bit of Google APIs, CMS (like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal) , Facebook API, Twitter API, and a lot others, plug them nicely in your Web app, and have something out of this world!

In essence, the present day developer is extremely advantaged. On this blog, I will be sharing more of how you can use these frameworks to make your life easier but better.

However, a word of caution, as you pick up these frameworks, they also have their own side effects, mainly on performance (which I will be discussing them in depth on this blog).

I am not a guru yet, and even if I was, this is a learning journey, I need to learn a lot from you, and get lots of response and criticisms.

So let's walk together.